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French Green Clay Mask

French Green Clay Mask

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Our French Green Clay mask arrives in powdered form for extended shelf life. You have the freedom to decide the consistency of your mask contingent on how much water, oil, or floral hydrosol you use. 

This premium mask harnesses the power of French green clay, renowned for its detoxifying and purifying properties, to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

Key Features:
1. Deep Cleansing and Detoxifying: Our French Green Clay Mask is specifically formulated to draw out impurities, toxins, and excess oil from your skin. It effectively unclogs pores, removing dirt, dead skin cells, and other pollutants, leaving your skin fresh, clean, and blemish-free.

2. Oil Control and Balancing: French green clay is known for its ability to regulate sebum production, making it an ideal choice for those with oily or combination skin. This mask helps absorb excess oil, reducing shine and promoting a more balanced complexion.

3. Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening: The high mineral content in French green clay helps stimulate blood circulation and promote collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. It also helps tighten pores, reducing their appearance and giving your skin a more refined and youthful look.

4. Gentle Exfoliation and Brightening: Our clay mask gently exfoliates your skin, removing dead cells and revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion. It helps fade dark spots, even out skin tone, and promote a luminous glow, leaving you with a healthier and more youthful appearance.

5. Soothing and Nourishing: Enriched with natural botanical extracts and antioxidants, our French Green Clay Mask soothes and nourishes your skin, keeping it hydrated and supple. It helps calm inflammation, reduce redness, and protect against environmental stressors, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Directions for Use:

  1. Cleanse your face and pat dry.
  2. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of Clay Mask with distilled water or your favorite Hydrosol. 
  3. Apply an even layer of the French Green Clay Mask to your face, avoiding the eye area.
  4. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes or until it has dried completely.
  5. Rinse off with warm water, gently massaging in circular motions to exfoliate.
  6. Pat your skin dry and follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Avoid using a metal bowl or utensils when mixing clay. Metal can react with the minerals and can make the clay inactive, and as a result, you will not get to experience its benefits. Try using a wooden brush or spatula instead.

Pro-Tip: Mix with our Rose Water+ for added benefits. 

Pro-Tip: Add 2 tablespoons to a warm bath for a full body detox. 

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