Why KlassyKares?

This response was taken from our owner's, Ashley, social media.

"Someone recently asked me why I started KlassyKares... I decided to share my response.
I actually have two different reasons why.
To begin, almost everyone knows I had my son at 14. It was extremely tough but I had my family’s support. The mental challenges I faced were outrageous. The looks, the smirks, the comments people made as if I would be nothing more than a single mom forever. I knew then I wanted to become more than a stereotype. I want to show other young mothers that you are more than what they say. You can be more than they expect. Never let anyone say you are less than.
Secondly, natural and organic skin care should be available to everyone. I’ve gone into a few stores and noticed how much a lot of natural and organic items cost and whew! You all know what that means 😂 but anyway. We should all know what we are putting on our bodies regardless of economic status."
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